5 Ballet Barre Workouts To Do At Home

Thinking of getting a ballet barre at home? They are a pretty good investment if you ask us. Not only the little ballerina(s) in the family will be able to do their barre work at home but also the whole family can start using it for some barre workout easy exercises.

You already know it ballet is great! It helps you develop lean muscle mass, improves your balance and your flexibility. The perfect way to stay fit and get a gracious figure.

The most famous stars are turning to ballet to work out recently. Obviously Natalie Portman for example, married to one of the most famous French ballet dancers, Benjamin Millepied but also fashion icons like Victoria Beckham.

No need to get their personal trainer, we have a little routine for beginners:

Ballet Barres ForeverB.

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What do you need?

A ballet barre, a comfortable outfit (preferably leggings or shorts), a bottle of water and a towel. No need for pointes shoes just yet!

How do I do this?

Repeat each exercise 20 times and do up to 3 rounds of them total if you feel strong enough or just one to start.

1 – Relevé and Plié

Start in the 1st position with your body straight and toned. Rise up to the balls of your feet then bend your knees for a plié, rise up again and rest your feet with your heels on the floor. Repeat the movement.

2 – Parallel to Plié to Pulse

Stand straight with feet and legs parallel and close together. Rise up on the balls of your feet, bend your knees in a deep plié, holding on to the barre push your hips to the floor. Lift up halfway and move back into the deep plié position and repeat.

3 – Arabesque to Attitude

Start in the 1st position with your right hand on the barre. Move on to an arabesque position with your left hand and foot reaching opposite directions. Move to the attitude position by bending your left knee out to the side and moving you left arm up in third position. Move back into arabesque and start over. Don’t forget to change sides!

Left: Arabesque / Right: Attitude

Arabesque Attitude at the barre

4 – Reaching Rond de Jambe

Start in the 1st position with your right hand on the barre. You will do a rond de jambe movement, extending your leg more than a ballerina would do. Lift your left leg in front of you, then your left arm in third position. Open your leg and arm in a rond de jambe movement. Keeping your back and your leg straight, lean forward, your arm still in third position and your left leg perfectly aligned with your back. Go back to first position and repeat.


5ème position

5 - Plié to Passé

Start standing in the 4th position, right hand on the barre, left arm in 2nd position. Rise up to the balls of your feet, move your left arm in 5th position. Bend both knees in a plié then straighten your legs. Bend your left leg in a passé position. Move back into 4th position still on your toes and repeat.Passé position, arm in 5th position

Want to learn more?

To find ballet classes near you, either for adults or children, you can get information from The English National Ballet.

Workout credits: Jessica Smith, Miami-based fitness expert & Shape Magazine

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