1. How do I order online?

It’s very easy! Browse the products on the e-shop and click on the picture or “Show More” to view more details about the products you like. Once you’re on the product page, choose the size (for fashion items) and quantity you need and click “Add to Cart”.

Click on “Continue Shopping” under “View Cart” to keep browsing products on the e-shop. To confirm your order, click on the basket at top right of the screen and check that it contains all the items you want. Additionally, you can get the shipping cost by entering country and postcode for the delivery and click on “Get Rates”.

Next, click on “Check Out" to proceed to your order.
Enter your payment details and follow the instructions to confirm your order. You’ll receive a confirmation email at the end of the process and another email to confirm that your order has been shipped which will include tracking details.

2. Can my delivery address be different from my invoicing address?

Of course! Enter the addresses when prompted and make sure you enter the shipping address and invoicing address in the proper boxes.

3. What if my order is a present?

Unfortunately we don’t offer additional options yet if your purchase is a present. We recommend getting the parcel delivered to you so you can personally make the necessary arrangements.

4. Can I edit or cancel my order?

There is no options on the website or in the emails you will receive that will allow you to cancel or edit your order. If you do need to edit or cancel your order, you will need to contact us directly at order@forever-b.com and we will do our best to help you.

5. What should I do if I have not received an order confirmation email?

If you have not received an order confirmation email within 24h of your order, please first check the junk in your email to make sure it’s not in there. If there are no record of your order on your account on the e-shop, contact us at order@forever-b.com and give us as many details as possible about your order (date, time, products, email…) You can also connect to your personal account online to check your order status: http://www.forever-b.com/account

6. How do I choose the right product for my size?

A size chart is available on the e-shop to help you choose the right size for you: http://www.forever-b.com/pages/clothing-size-charts



1. How do I create an account?

Super easy! Click on the menu logo at the top right of the screen, next to the basket logo, and click on “Create account”. Fill out the boxes and click on “Create”. Congratulations! You’re a member of the ForeverB. family!

2. What if I have forgotten my password for my account?

You clicked on the “Log In” in the menu and can’t remember your password? That’s ok. Click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

3. How do I modify the information on my account?

In the Account section of the e-shop you can easily view your orders and also modify your address. If you need to modify your password because you forgot it, please follow the instructions from the previous question.

4. Is my personal information protected?

Your personal information is indeed protected and we do not share our customers’ information with third parties as well.



1. What methods of payment can I use?

We accept several methods of payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

2. Is the online payment safe?

Our e-shop offers secured payment as stated at the bottom right of the page. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. Do you keep my bank account details?

You bank account details are not stored or kept on the e-shop and we do not keep records of our customers’ bank account details.



1. Where can you deliver?

We can deliver anywhere in Europe and outside Europe except in Switzerland, China, and the UAE. Shipping costs depend on your delivery address. For exact cost, please see the “Shipping Rate” on the “Cart” page on the e-shop, under “Get the Rates” pink button.

2. What are the delivery options do you offer?

All deliveries are sent through the French post with Colissimo parcels that include tracking numbers.

3. How can I track my order?

Of course! You can track your order either by logging into your account on the e-shop and checking the details of your order history, or by clicking on the link in your order shipping confirmation email.



1. What is the return policy? How do I return my order?

Order can be returned within 30days between the date of the order and the date of reception of your return. To return your order, please contact us via email at: order@forever-b.com to give us more details on the reason why you’re not satisfied with your order and to provide us with our bank details for refunds. We will reply shortly to confirm the return address and advise you with the best way to return the items. Please note that any damaged item should be photographed and photos should be attached to your email.



1. How do I contact the customer service?

If you have any question for the customer service, please email order@forever-b.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

2. I’m a brand, a retailer, a distributor, an agent and I would like to become a partner of ForeverB. I’m a professional and I would like to apply for a position in the company. I’m a student and I would like to apply for an internship. How do I contact ForeverB. for all professional communications?

You’re a professional or a company and you’d like to work with us? Please write to Concetta, at contact@forever-b.com, include your name, title, company name, email, and phone number and give us as much detail as possible on your project. We will answer your enquiry within 7 working days.

3. How do I subscribe to the ForeverB. newsletter?

To subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to hear about all our offers and news, fill out the form at the bottom right of the home page and check your inbox for the confirmation email.

4. How do I unsubscribe from the ForeverB. newsletter?

We’re sorry to hear that you no longer want to hear from us. To unsubscribe, click on the link at the bottom of one of our newsletter and follow the instructions on the page.

5. Where can I find ForeverB. on the social networks?

You can follow ForeverB. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. For the direct links to our pages on these social networks, look for their logos at the top left of our website or bottom left of our home page. We can’t wait to hear from you and get to know you!


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